Privacy Policy

What I do with your data to track you, learn about your favorite dessert, and sell you Spam. Not the mail type of spam. The meaty one Hawaiians are oddly fond of.
For real (sponsored link)

Joke aside.


I use Plausible, an open-source analytics tool, to track page views and referrals in an anonymous way.

No cookies are involved in this process because cookies never asked to be. Likewise, this process is harmless for your personal data as they are not involved in it.

See Plausible privacy policy for full details.

Form Submissions

Various forms are available on this website. They are here to be submitted and are sometimes sad when you don't.

Some lead to prefilled tweets over on Twitter (these didn't age well) You can then decide whether to tweet them or not.

Others send me a message on a personal Slack only I have access to. These get stored for up to 90 days. Past that delay, I might remember about them, but I can't help with that.


This policy is for sure not very professional nor legally correct. Actually, I'm not even obliged to have one (I guess? that's my understanding), so consider it here for transparency purposes~ (it was fun to write though!)

That being said, if you have any privacy-related questions, you can send them to me at, which is really just an alias of

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