Flamingo Card

There are two reasons that can explain why you're on this page. Either you acquired one of Lucie's business cards in real life and followed its link, or you're just a curious person that managed to find this page somehow.

Because I can't entertain everyone, this page only considers the former scenario.

Staying In Touch

We met at a conference, a bar, or maybe just in the street and had a great chat together? If so, I'd happily stay in touch with you and perhaps we can meet again! For that matter, here are my socials, connect with me on as many or as few as you'd like.

I'm also available on more specialized platforms which I may have mentioned to you if appropriate. Just ask me using one of the above about those if I did so or if you're curious~

Contacting Me

We had great chats together but also talked about projects, opportunities, help, or whatever. If basically you got my card to get back to me about something, then the contact page is here for you.

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