Hi! I'm Lucie Haberer

Blog & Art

I write about software & web development but you never know, surprises happen.

You can expect a new post every month or so! Also, there's art being shared now and then because I enjoy it and find artists' work inspiring.

Finally, if you were looking for contacting me there's Twitter, my mail, or a contact page for that~

As for myself, I've started development by messing with stuff on MediaWiki, then things spiraled out of control and turned me into a Software Engineer.

Nowadays I'm a 21-year-old French student @hetic, an ambassador @nuxt_js, and I currently work as a DevExp Engineer @prismicio.

I worked previously @Synerghetic as the company CIO (a.k.a. the tech person in a small nonprofit). I was also a Software Engineer & Architect intern @SocieteGenerale and @36Pixels during previous years.