Keep Kalm, Rust

I have to admit, I was quite excited getting to that part when I started Learning Rust. Nothing particular about it, aside that the name is fun, I named: Rust panicking mechanism.

Kalm and Panik meme gif

So when do you panic in Rust? Well, just like in real life, you do when something happens and you cannot do anything about it.

Put more precisely, panicking is what you do when you encounter an unrecoverable error in Rust. As it's a thread-based mechanism, I assume it kills it in some way(?) while other threads can carry around their work, handling the panicked thread if needed.

fn main() {
	if (something_bad) {

		// Alternative with a message
		panic!("{:#?}", something_bad);

There exist some more "precise" types of panic. I've learned about unimplemented!(), for unfinished code, and unreachable!() for code scenarios that shouldn't be possible (e.g. calculated GPA is above 4)

But that's it for now, panicking == fatal errors, and it's the first Rust error handling - in that case, error not-handling - API I've read about!

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